Data for Exilva microfibrillated cellulose have been published in LCA databases

3. December 2019


In the Exilva Flagship project, Environmental Life Cycle Assessment (E-LCA) has been used to evaluate the environmental performance of the different Exilva microfibrillated cellulose (MFC) qualities. In connection with this, four datasets of Exilva MFC have been made publicly available in two different databases.

Few LCA datasets are available free of charge in general, and no LCA datasets for microfibrillated cellulose are available at all. Hence, publishing LCA data for Exilva MFC in an openly accessible databases is progress for the LCA society. This will make LCA practitioners able to create their own models of product systems containing MFC, being useful for researchers and product developers. Hopefully, this can lead to product development and reduced environmental burdens for a spectrum of products.

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The four datasets which have been uploaded are Exilva F and Exilva P, both as 2% dispersion (L-grade) and 10% paste (V-grade).

Exilva MFC V-grade and L-grade

The data are published in the Life Cycle Data Network (LCDN) database and in the GLAD database. LCDN acts as a network of independent nodes, and was launched by EC Joint Research Centre to facilitate sharing E-LCA data between research institutes, consultants and the industry. This system has strict quality requirements for registered datasets. The The GLAD system is a Life Cycle Initiative of the United Nation Environment Programme.

Ostfold Research is committed to publish more of its E-LCA datasets and has, together with the University of Life Sciences (NMBU), established the NorEnviro centre. The centre has taken the initiative to establish a national infrastructure for the management and dissemination of environmental and resource documentation. As a part of the acitivties of the NorEnviro centre, a node has been established and connected to both LCDN and GLAD. The four Exilva MFC datasets have been uploaded in that node.

How to download the LCA data from the NorEnviro node

The LCA datasets and the necessary modelling information are available by clicking on the links below. To import the datasets in your LCA software, click on «Public data: Download» on top of the webpage. This will generate a ZIP file that contains all the datasets stored in the ILCD format. After importing the datasets in your software, you will be able to include all the Exilva MFC datasets in your LCA modelling.

Access via LCDN

This site is under revision, and access is only possible for other nodes for the moment (December 2019).

Access via GLAD

Description of the datasets and links for download of files can be found here: