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Western Coatings Show 2021

Western Coatings Show 2021

What to Expect

The 35th Biennial Western Coatings Symposium and Show is the largest regional show in North America. 

17.–20. October 2021 | Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Convention Centre | Las Vegas, NV, USA

Borregaard will be present at the WCS at booth #531. Come visit us to discuss how Exilva might improve your formulation. We will also have a talk Tuesday, October 19th at the Champagne 2 room, from 9:40am. Title: Finding a perfect balance between sagging and leveling in industrial coatings with Microfibrillated cellulose.

Waterborne paints are complex systems and finding a good balance between sagging and levelling can be often challenging. One of the key contributors is the rheology modifier. The rheology modifier affects to the yield stress and thixotropy of the system and determines the stability and applicability of the formulation.

In this work the effect of insoluble microfibrillated cellulose (MFC) on sagging and levelling was studied with two different industrial waterborne spray formulations based on alkyd-polyurethane hybrid polymer binder and anionic dispersion of acrylic copolymer. The performance of MFC was compared to common thickeners used in waterborne systems (HEUR and HASE). The formulations were evaluated in terms of rheology, sag resistance, flow and levelling, syneresis and mud-cracking. The unique viscosity buildup mechanism of MFC was further studied with rheometer in terms of yield stress and thixotropy.

We will demonstrate how MFC allows the application of thick layers, due to the excellent sag resistance and anti-mud-cracking, still resulting in good levelling.

See you in Vegas!