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ASTM Symp.: Pesticides

ASTM Symp.: Pesticides

What to Expect

40th Symposium on Pesticide formulation and delivery systems: Formulation, Application and Adjuvant innovation.


Session 3: Formulation development, Wednesday, October 23rd, 2:00 PM

Stabilisation and Rheology of Advanced Agrochemical Formulations with Exilva Cellulose Fibrils

Rebecca Blell, Daniele Oliveira De Castro and Hans Henrik Øvrebø, Borregaard AS, Sarpsborg, Norway


This symposium will provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of formulation and application technologies associated with crop protection and adjuvant products. Primary attention will be directed to presentations related to:

  • Novel formulation development
  • Technology advancements for weed resistance
  • Application technologies related to drift reduction
  • Product stewardship, sustainability, and safety
  • Global regulatory trends impacting agrochemical formulations
  • Physical and chemical test methods related to crop protection products

Other topics of interest include, but are not limited to: seed treatment formulations, adjuvant technology, and innovative application technologies; including UAS delivery systems and aerial application advancements.

This symposium is targeted to individuals and companies involved in the development and/or research of agrochemical formulations, chemistries and application and delivery systems.