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[VIDEO] Topic Tuesday: You need to change the way you think!

Posted by Mats Hjørnevik on 25. September 2018

Suddenly, the new tax on pollutants in China, their ban on solvent based coatings for containers, and the city of Shanghais ban on solvent based coatings for exterior walls and wood ware has changed things. Do you want to know more on how to adapt in rapid market changes like these? In this topic Tuesday we are discussing this and showing you a couple of concrete examples to get your ideas start running. Don´t miss out on this weeks interesting discussion on saving business with the necessary level of innovation.

Otto Soidinsalo, Technical Application Manager at the Cellulose Fibrils unit in Borregaard, joins Marketing Manager Mats Hjørnevik in this weeks discussion. 


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Mats Hjørnevik

Mats Hjørnevik

Mats Hjørnevik has more than eight years’ experience working on microfibrillated cellulose. Being the marketing manager of the Exilva products from Borregaard, he worked closely on introducing the concept of microfibrillated cellulose to the market. Mats has a M.Sc. in international marketing and experience from international locations. Mats is now marketing manager in Nordkapp Boats.

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