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Topic Tuesday: How to perform with your oil-in-water-emulsion

Posted by Mats Hjørnevik on 11. September 2018

Mixing two liquids like oil and water is hard enough. At the same time keeping it stable, adds an additional level of difficulty in this challenge. And how can you reach the best performance on rheology and stability in the making of these emulsions? In this episode of Topic Tuesday, we are discussing the subject of emulsions; what are they, how do they work and how do we make them stable? Grab a coffee and joins us for a video session.

This weeks expert is Senior Research Scientist at Borregaard Cellulose Fibrils unit, Rebecca Blell. She has been working with cellulose fibrils since 2009 and has her expertise in home care and personal care applications. 


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Mats Hjørnevik

Mats Hjørnevik

Mats Hjørnevik has more than eight years’ experience working on microfibrillated cellulose. Being the marketing manager of the Exilva products from Borregaard, he worked closely on introducing the concept of microfibrillated cellulose to the market. Mats has a M.Sc. in international marketing and experience from international locations. Mats is now marketing manager in Nordkapp Boats.

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