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Steen Jacobsen

Steen Jacobsen
Steen Jacobsen started working in the paper and corrugated industry in 1988. Through his working years in the industry he worked in both sales and technical service. He developed an in-depth understanding of starch glues, additives and corrugator settings. Since 2018, Steen has worked as a technical application manager for Exilva. Steen has a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering and chemical process engineering as his major from København Teknikum (Technical University of Denmark).

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How to reduce manufacturing costs in wood-based panel

25. January 2022

Approximately 410 Million m3 (2018) of wood panels are produced today and the most common types are medium density fiberboard (MDF), high density fiberboard (HDF), particle board (PB), plywood (Ply), and oriented strain boards (OSB). Globally plywood is very widespread/prevailing/prevalent owing to its high demand for furniture manufacturing in Asia Pacific and North Americas. In Europe particle board is dominating followed by MDF and plywood. The two most dominating applications are construction and furniture.

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7. September 2021

Customer story: Increased speed, better bonding and lower cost in the corrugated plant

The corrugated business is an industry always in development. After five years of looking into the corrugated industry and how Exilva can be applied to different glue recipes, we have seen elevating results at more than 70 corrugators around the world. Timer after time customer’s state great results. Our latest success story involves a trip to one of the biggest players in the industry. Our common mission was to fix edge delamination that occurs at slitter scorer on double wall and heavy single wall. Names and location of the customer has been anonymized. 

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