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Martha Grøndahl

Martha first started working with microfibrillated cellulose in 2018, through her Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology from NTNU. She joined Borregaard in 2019, as a trainee, and has been a researcher focusing on Exilva and its performance in agricultural applications since 2021.

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Coatings, adhesives/sealants

How to reduce manufacturing costs in wood-based panel

25. January 2022

Approximately 410 Million m3 (2018) of wood panels are produced today and the most common types are medium density fiberboard (MDF), high density fiberboard (HDF), particle board (PB), plywood (Ply), and oriented strain boards (OSB). Globally plywood is very widespread/prevailing/prevalent owing to its high demand for furniture manufacturing in Asia Pacific and North Americas. In Europe particle board is dominating followed by MDF and plywood. The two most dominating applications are construction and furniture.

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11. January 2022

A novel alternative to gums in agricultural formulations

Agricultural formulations are commonly used by farmers to increase crop yields. These formulations either provide the crops with nutrients, such as liquid fertilizers (LFs), or protect the crops from diseases or pests or do both. Formulation stability is crucial to maintain a uniform and effective application.

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