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Lars Berglund

Lars Berglund
Lars is professor at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. He is interested in nanocellulose and biocomposites, with a strong publication record in the field. He is the director of Wallenberg Wood Science Center ( and a recent recipient of a European Research Council Advanced Grant on nanocellulosic materials.
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Innovation & sustainability

Innovation talk: Is your business a dinosaur or a bird?

11. February 2020

Faced with disruptive changes to the economic environment, only those businesses that are flexible and responsive can survive and prosper. Those not responding quickly enough will die off like the dinosaurs, but it’s getting harder to react enough in time – now you need to pre-empt change.

This article continues to illustrate the risks of not being ahead of the game so looks at investing wisely in exploiting advances in materials and technology to survive and prosper, like the birds.

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6. June 2017

Intimate relationships – cellulose and epoxy

Professor Lars Berglund, Head of the Biocomposites Division at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (Sweden), guides us through the relationship between cellulose and epoxy in this blog post. Not only do they matter, the properties created by this reaction are also excellent. Learn more about this in this weeks guest blog post.

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