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Kristin Weel Sundby

Kristin Weel Sundby
Kristin Weel Sundby has more than twenty years of experience from industrial R&D, and the last ten years from Borregaard. As the section manager for Exilva R&D she work closely with both the market and the production, in order to develop the best products and solutions for our customers together with the R&D team. Kristin has a M.Sc. in chemistry.

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Other use areas for MFC

Applications for strong, lightweight MFC films

7. January 2020

Microfibrillated cellulose (MFC) has a good film-forming ability, where the film is strong and light. In addition, the films are opaque, translucent or even transparent depending on the thickness of the film and type of MFC. They also show good oxygen barrier properties. Moreover, MFC can be combined with different polymers or fillers to obtain even more versatile material. In this post, we want to show the potential of MFC films in various applications. Let’s start by discussing how MFC films can be made and then see what kind of applications these films may have.

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22. January 2019

Dusting in production: why the choice of additives and ingredients can play a substantial role in your EHS thinking

Is powder handling a problem in your production facilities? If yes, you have probably tried to reduce the dusting and other environment, health and safety (EHS) risks related to powders as much as possible. Have you considered to change the additives and ingredients that will reduce or give no dust, whilst keeping the desired performance? In production, the handling of powders can often lead to EHS issues. But are there any alternatives? Yes, indeed.

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