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Katérina Liapis

Katérina Liapis
Katerina joined Borregaard in 2017 as a research scientist and focused on the Exilva product and its performance in adhesives. She is now working as a Technical Application Manager. Katerina has a master degree in polymer material science from the University of Strasbourg, France and experience from international companies.

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Innovation & sustainability

Stabilisation of biological formulations in agriculture

16. November 2021

The last few years have seen a very fast increase in the use of biologicals and biocontrol agents in crop protection and agricultural products as part of the shift towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture.

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19. October 2021

Everything you need to know about cellulose fibrils in corrugated board

In this blog post we have collected our key learnings from working with corrugated board in over 170 trials. You will find information about reduced starch consumption, prolonged stability of viscosity in starch adhesives, robustness, increased productivity, bonding quality and how to fight warp. Finally, we share feedback and learnings from customers!

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29. October 2019

How yield stress play an important role in anti-settling in your paint

Undesirable phenomena such as sedimentation and settling can often occur during the storage of paints. Therefore, a re-dispersion step is necessary which can mean additional cost. These challenges can be even more pronounced in high solid content formulations and so it is crucial to secure stability of those systems. To avoid these effects, rheology modifiers need to be added to paint formulations. So, I prepared some information for you and conducted a couple of tests with the rheology additive nanocellulose to show you how focus on yield stress will reduce sedimentation and settling.

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