A natural performance enhancer

Exilva, Borregaard’s Microfibrillar Cellulose (MFC), represents the next generation of natural performance enhancers for personal care systems. In tests, Exilva shows the ability to reduce wrinkles and improve the sensoric characteristics of oil-in-water creams. Its pseudoplastic nature gives a highly positive effect on the ability to spray thick formulations and its fast viscosity recovery improves non-dripping performance.

The secret behind Exilva’s excellent performance is its unique combination of characteristics from soluble polymers and insoluble particles, enabling it to both physically and chemically interact with its surroundings.

Exilva in Personal Care applications

Exilva CFM-series

The Exilva CFM-series is the world’s first commercially available COSMOS-certified Microfibrillated cellulose, a certification that implies a natural product and a green production process. Exilva CFM has all the same performance as the F-series and is tailored for the personal care market. 

Exilva in personal care application systems

Exilva can for instance be used in:

  • Skin Care
  • Sun Care
  • Hair Care


  • Increases ability to spray thick formulations – extreme shear thinning and fast viscosity recovery
  • Improves stability – improved dispersion and stabilization of particles
  • Anti-wrinkle effect
  • High tolerance of other ingredients – for example salt (10%) and ethanol (50%)
  • Cold processable and easy to pump
  • Better skin feel – smooth, non-greasy and improved skin moisture
  • Improved hair conditioning effect
  • Improved effect for decorative cosmetics

Get this from Exilva in Cosmetics:


High Yield Stress

High yield stress giving improved stability of water borne or polar solvent systems at low shear


Pronounced Shear Thinning

Extreme shear thinning with very fast viscosity recovery provides benefits during applying of water borne or polar solvent systems


High Surface Area

Very high surface area provides substantial binding benefits and film forming of high strength films


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Exilva is a completely natural and bio-based Microfibrillated cellulose that improves rheology and stability, as well as enhancing structure in your product formulations. Exilva increases your formulation efficiency, reduces your CO2 footprint and creates exciting opportunities for innovation.

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