A rheology control enhancer

Exilva is a new and innovative performance enhancer for cementitious systems, where maintaining a homogeneous material mix and preventing segregation are critical performance parameters. Exilva is particularly suitable when a non-sticky cementitious system is required for improved ease of application and it can reduce pressure on concrete formworks, as well as improving levels of spray rebound from concrete and mortar.

Exilva has very high dosage efficiency. A very small amount of Exilva quickly achieves the required rheological property, securing high viscosity at rest, as well as giving strong stability and rapid viscosity build-up. At the same time, Exilva offers a high shear thinning effect, ensuring low plastic viscosity.


Exilva in cementitious systems

Potential application areas for Exilva include:

  • Self-compacting concrete
  • Underwater concrete
  • Sprayed concrete
  • Sprayed micro-concrete and mortar
  • Oil well cementing
  • Bore piled concrete
  • Grouting
  • Mass concrete
  • Non-sticky overhead (repair) mortar
  • Cement skim coat
  • Self-leveling underlayment
  • Compacting aid for vibrated precast concrete


  • Rheology control – enhances yield stress, giving strong thickening and shear thinning
  • Creates a non-sticky and non-plastic concrete
  • Versatile and robust – stable in extreme environments including pH, temperature and shear
  • Increases stability of end products
  • 100% natural and infinitely sustainable – can reduce CO2 footprint in concrete
  • Very efficient at low dosages
  • Odour free, clean and white

What to get from Exilva in Constructions:


High Yield Stress

High yield stress giving improved stability of water borne or polar solvent systems at low shear


Pronounced Shear Thinning

Extreme shear thinning with very fast viscosity recovery provides benefits during applying of water borne or polar solvent systems


High Surface Area

Very high surface area provides substantial binding benefits and film forming of high strength films


Try Exilva in your Cementitious formulation today!

Exilva is a completely natural and bio-based Microfibrillated cellulose that improves rheology and stability, as well as enhancing structure in your product formulations. Exilva increases your formulation efficiency, reduces your CO2 footprint and creates exciting opportunities for innovation.

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