The primary influence on productivity has been from the ability of the Exilva glue to de-bottleneck typical limitations at the slitter-scorer, which has enabled higher speed especially when running complex, multi-wall and heavy paper qualities at the double backer (glue unit).

This happens because the interaction between starch and Exilva gives the adhesive a longer “open-time”, allowing the board more time to be re-aligned after scoring, and the gluing therefore becomes more robust to higher speed.

Benefits you can expect from Exilva: 

  • Quality by improving bonding strength, warp and delamination, resulting in lower board waste and increased converting throughput.
  • Productivity by significantly higher machine speed where the slitter scorer is the bottleneck. Particularly pronounced on heavier double-/triple wall board qualities glued at the double backer.
  • Storage: More stable glue with no viscosity drift – storing over the weekend – minimal retrogradation when pumping the glue over longer distances

Customers using The Exilva Combo solution appreciates the improved control, comfort and convenience that is giving the operators and production management a safer production.

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Benefits you can expect from using Exilva in your corrugated glue solution

Besides enabling boron free adhesive solutions, you can benefit from the following;


Increased production speed

After running more than 70 million m2 of different corrugated qualities, we've measured up to 45% increase in speed.


Less warp

Through less delamination and warp, you will improve the overall quality of your corrugated boards. 


Secure bonding

By adding Exilva, you will gain from an increased glue stability, providing a more robust glue to mechanical impacts.

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