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Development of sustainable solutions, based on renewable raw materials and unique competence.

At Borregaard, we believe in true sustainability. By combining sustainable raw materials, green energy, unique knowledge and understanding, as well as a high rate of product innovation, we achieve environmentally friendly alternatives that compete with other cutting edge products, but with a greener carbon footprint.

Our biorefinery relies on raw materials that meet environmental and sustainability criteria. Borregaard purchases more than 1 million solid cubic metres of wood per year, from forests that are managed in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner, and run in accordance with laws on felling in the country of origin. In 2014, 86% of wood came from Norwegian forests, while the remaining 14% came from Swedish forests.


Responsible business

Borregaard’s main objective is to develop sustainable solutions based on renewable raw materials and its unique competence. Borregaard’s entire business model centers around sustainability, and therefore this is always a natural component of its overarching goals. The company’s Board of Directors emphasizes the importance of sustainability as an integral part of the company’s operations and development.

  • 92% of 1 000 000 m3 wood, is certified
  • More than 190 mNOK spent on research 
  • 63% of energy used, is from renewable energy sources
  • 40% reduction in CO2 over the last 10 years
  • Borregaard is rated A in CDP's Climate Change list
  • 25% female employees in Borregaard

Learn about these figures and read more about how we care in Borregaard's Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Report for 2018

Sustainability in Borregaard

Rest assure that Borregaard and Exilva is the sustainable alternative.

Sustainability - Sustianable biomass

Sustainable biomass

The forests in Norway increases in size by 10 million m3 per year, and have tripled to 1000 million m3 in the last 100 years.

Sustainability - The forest resource

The forest resource

Exilva is produced utilizing wood
from sustainable managed
Scandinavian forests.

Sustainability - The water resource

The water resource

More than 98% of Borregaard's
electricity is from sustainable
Norwegian hydropower.

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