Unique proprietary process technology developed through a decade

The plant was opened in 2016, and have a yearly capacity of 10.000 metric tons of 10% paste (V-grade) / 50.000 metric tons of 2% suspension (L-grade), both corresponding to 1.000 metric tons dry. Learn more about the Exilva characteristics here. Exilva is by that the first commercial-scale available MFC product in the world.

The factory is located at Borregaard’s production facility in Sarpsborg, Norway, and uses Norway Spruce as the raw material. The proprietary process technology has been developed by Borregaard since 2005 and is vital to achieving Exilva’s high performance.


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High Yield Stress

High yield stress giving improved stability of water borne or polar solvent systems at low shear


Pronounced Shear Thinning

Extreme shear thinning with very fast viscosity recovery provides benefits during applying of water borne or polar solvent systems


High Surface Area

Very high surface area provides substantial binding benefits and film forming of high strength films

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Exilva is a completely natural and bio-based Microfibrillated cellulose that improves rheology and stability, as well as enhancing structure in your product formulations. Exilva increases your formulation efficiency, reduces your CO2 footprint and creates exciting opportunities for innovation.

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