Exilva MFC


The best of two worlds

Polyacrylates, acrylics, cellulose ethers, xanthan, guar
Fumed Silica, clay, bentonite
Exilva remains solid in water Exilva is not dependent on alkali for activation of thickening mechanism
Exilva are highly entangled fibril aggregates dispersed in water (not dissolved) Exilva interact both physically and chemically with its surroundings
Stable viscosity at different pH, temperatures and salt concentrations Exilva has good compatibility with solvents, surfactants, salts, etc. 

A 3D animation showing a transformation of Exilva from 10% paste to 2% suspension.

Exilva P-Series

The Exilva P-series is specially designed to ensure high control of rheology in systems where large/heavy particles can create increased complexity in stabilization. Typical usage areas of Exilva P-series are adhesives and paints and coatings.

Exilva F-Series

The Exilva F-series ensures extreme shear thinning capabilities, higher water retention values, greater surface area and highly effective multifunctional performance. Typical usage areas include personal care, home care and agricultural chemicals.

Exilva CFM-series 

The Exilva CFM-series is the world’s first commercially available COSMOS approved Microfibrillated cellulose, a verification that implies a natural product and a green production process. Exilva CFM has all the same performance as the F-series and is tailored for the personal care market. 

Product grades

All series are delivered as a 2% suspension (L-grade) or a 10% paste (V-grade). 

Borregaard will provide you with the best solution for your application, and our technical team will help you find the correct product grade and series for your individual needs. Please contact us directly if you have questions on what product to choose. 

Benefits to expect from Exilva

By adding Exilva to your product, you should find features and benefits like:


High Yield Stress

High yield stress giving improved stability of water borne or polar solvent systems at low shear.


Pronounced Shear Thinning

Extreme shear thinning with very fast viscosity recovery provides benefits during applying of water borne or polar solvent systems.


High Surface Area

Very high surface area provides substantial binding benefits and film forming of high strength films.

Eager to try Exilva?

Exilva is a completely natural and bio-based Microfibrillated cellulose that improves rheology and stability, as well as enhancing structure in your product formulations. Exilva increases your formulation efficiency, reduces your CO2 footprint and creates exciting opportunities for innovation.

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